Global Expertise

As a global, vertically integrated wine business, our expertise extends from the grape to the glass. We are focused on excelling in the core activities of grape growing & sourcing, winemaking & production and sales & marketing.

Grape Growing and Sourcing

We have an established grape growing and sourcing platform globally that ensures we can deliver on our vision to be the world’s leading provider of new world wines. Through the combination of owned or leased vineyards, third-party grower vineyards and the bulk wine market we are able to meet the needs of our customers and provide consumers with a diverse portfolio of wines.

In Australia we partner with more than 850 growers across the country’s premium grape growing regions of South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. While in New Zealand, we access the finest quality grapes from the South Island’s Marlborough, Central Otago and Waipara Valley regions.

In South Africa we source our grapes from a variety of locations across the magnificent Western Cape wine growing region, while in the US, we obtain the finest fruit from premium locations across northern California and Sonoma County.

Elsewhere, in Chile we obtain our grapes from the country’s best terroirs including the Cachapoal Valley, San Antonio Valley and the Peumo area; and in Italy, from some of Sicily’s premier regions.

Winemaking and Production

We have some of the most highly awarded winemakers who have excelled in their field for many decades. In fact, our winemakers have a collective experience of over 200 years in winemaking.

Worldly experience, attention to detail, passion and commitment combine to ensure all our wines – from everyday drinking to the very best of what we have to offer – are treated with care and respect. It is through our winemakers that we bring you the diverse styles and varietals that shine in New World climes.

Our skilled global production workforce and award-winning facilities not only enhance the quality of the wines we produce, they ensure we run our business efficiently, while significantly reducing the impact on the environment. When combined, this means we can meet the needs of our customers competitively, safely and sustainably.

Our state of the art production facilities in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres include:

Accolade Park, UK

At 80,000m2, Accolade Park is the largest wine Production, Warehouse, Distribution and Innovation centre in Europe with six packaging lines – filling 1,200 bottles per minute. That’s over 1,000,000 bottles filled per day. Accolade Park has the agility and diversification to package wine plus beverages in all size formats.

Berri Estates, Australia

The largest grape processor in the Southern Hemisphere, crushing approximately 220,000 tonnes of grapes annually, around a third of South Australia’s entire crush. Berri Estates is the largest cask manufacturing facility in the country, producing 85,000 casks per day, and approximately 60 million litres per year.

Consumer-led Marketing

As custodians of some of the world’s most admired wine brands, we focus on connecting our award-winning products with consumers across the globe. Whether you are new to wine or a connoisseur, we work hard to make sure that our wines delight the millions of people who enjoy them each and every day.

At the heart of our brand marketing is bringing to life the many stories behind our products, from the diverse regions and communities where our wines originate, to the expertise and passion of those that play a part in the process from grape to glass.

Our wines are the culmination of the immense efforts of teams across viticulture, winemaking, production, and sales and marketing; and our aim is to bring those efforts to life through compelling communications. Ultimately, we seek to give our consumers a sense of how we uniquely combine the rich heritage of our brands, with modern day innovation and consumer insights, to make some of the most highly sought after wines internationally.